Who We Are

Kicks for Kids (KFK) is a charitable organization dedicated to leveling the playing field for children in the Greater Cincinnati area who are challenged, physically or mentally, or who could not otherwise afford new chances and new experiences. We offer unique and exciting programs designed to build confidence and self-esteem in children referred to us by their schools, community organizations or social care agencies. Kicks for Kids provides children at-risk with positive life experiences that foster and encourage confidence, self-worth and respect in one’s self. Through positive influences and self-discovery, Kicks For Kids provides memories that will last a lifetime.

How We Do It

KFK partners with agencies, who work directly with kids at-risk, in the tri state area. These agencies fill our programs with the children they feel are best suited for each opportunity. We view our role in these ways:
1.      Raise community awareness; secure funding and donations.
2.      Focus on running excellent programs by being good stewards of the money we raise.
3.      Filter the agencies, making sure we work with those who send us kids who fit our demographic.
4.      Filter volunteers, employing only those who have compassion and pass background checks.

A Brief History of Kicks For Kids

An Organization is born
Jim Breech Joins the fight!
Results of the support we have recieved
To the Future!

Doug Pelfrey establishes the Kicks For Kids organization.

The buzz about the amazing work Kicks For Kids is doing begins to spread and Jim Breech hears his calling to join and do his part in making a difference by joining the organization.
Since 1995 the Kicks For Kids organization has raised over 2 million dollars and helped over 50 thousand underprivileged children in the Tri-state Area.
With growing and continued support from agencies and people like you, Kicks For Kids will continue to change and enrich the lives of those less fortunate. We will level the playing field for children at risk.
Kicks For Kids Founded
Friendship Forms
Because of People Like You!
Our Future

Meet Our Board

Kicks For Kids Executive Board

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