Stephen Collins


Marketing Communications Manager
GE Aviation

Cincinnati, OH


Northern Kentucky University, University of Cincinnati


January 4th

Who Influenced You Most As a Child:

My Father

Favorite Childhood Memory:

Standing in below zero temperatures in Northern Michigan with 10 layers of clothes on, fishing for salmon.


Photography, Hiking, Yard work (no, seriously!), Cooking, Writing/Blogging.

Fun Fact:

I made money during college traveling around playing music.

Accomplishment You are Most Proud Of:

Graduating with 3 degrees/

Guilty Pleasure:

Ice Cream, lots and lots of ice cream…with hot fudge…and peanut butter…and more hot fudge…and whipped cream

One item From Your Bucket List:

Moving to another country for a few years with my job

Theme Song

Three Little Birds by Bob Marley