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Involvement is the most crucial commodity Kicks For Kid (KFK) provides – and the one it most needs in order to positively impact young lives. Thanks to sponsors, donors, volunteers and community partners, KFK has invested approximately $2 million into local children since 1995, impacting over 50,000 lives in the process. As a grassroots organization, KFK relies heavily on the local community for support.

You can help Kicks For Kids fulfill our mission of leveling the playing field for kids at risk in one of four ways:


Sponsor – a child, program*, or fundraising event.
*programs are non-fee based activities, open to agency partners only.

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Donate –your contribution helps to support our programs and provide new chances and new experiences to the children we serve. Donations can be made through check, credit card, PayPal, Amazon Smile (free through your own account, select Kicks For Kids as the charity), or Kroger Rewards.

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Volunteer –are the backbone of any grassroots organization, especially KFK. The new chances and new experiences KFK provides are as emotionally rewarding to the volunteers are they are to the kids. Because of this, many volunteers have been a part of KFK since our inception.

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Partner –help us to help you! KFK and our partners mutually benefit from collaboratively providing services and information with each other. Partners such as Covington Partners, Kentucky Warriors, Chick-fil-A Catering and the Friars Club, help KFK to impact more lives.

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